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United Church of Christ

A Short History of Union Congregational  United Church of Christ, in Somonauk, Illinois.

Union Congregational United Church of Christ began as the union of three Somonauk area congregations:

Northville Presbyterian Church – 1848
The Methodist Protestant Church – 1853
The Methodist Episcopal Church – 1864

In 1885 the three congregations decided to merge together as a church with enough local control to accommodate the difference of the members and to provide the strength to support a spiritual gathering. Union Congregational Church was born.

In 1899 the congregation realized the red-brick building they worshipped in was showing signs of age and was not adequate for the congregation. They demolished the old building, cleaned up and reused the bricks in the construction of the new building. Worship began in the new building, still at the corner of Washington and Gage Streets (where it still stands) in 1902.

In 1962, the we voted to approve the union with the Evangelical and Reformed Church. With that vote, we officially became Union Congregational Church, United Church of Christ.

In 1990 we built an addition onto the 1901 building, adding a complete kitchen, fellowship hall and church offices as well as an elevator to all levels.
We’ve continued to grow and to serve God and our community throughout the years. We’re looking forward to serving God and our community for many years into the future.

No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you’re welcome at Union Congregational United Church of Christ.